Talk Like a Pirate Day…ARRRRR!

“Why are pirates called pirates?  They just RRRRRRR.”

“Why can’t a pirate finish the alphabet?  Because they always get lost at C.”

Get it?

Anyway, September 19th is National Talk Like a Pirate Day! My library did an awesome job celebrating it so of course I want to tell you all about it.  It was an all day celebration of crafts and games.  There was walking the plank, hidden parrot pictures, and treasure hunting.  The crafts were hook hands, pirate hats, swords, treasure maps, and face painted eye patches.  It was very well done and the kids had lots of fun.  I also did a pirate theme for Creative Corner the week before.  Smaller group but still just as fun.  We made pirate spyglasses and hunted for treasure using clues.

For Creative Corner we made these pirate spyglasses:

I experimented using black and gold paint but it was too messy and took too long to dry. Luckily a sheet of black construction paper wrapped around a paper towel roll leaves enough space on either end for gold paint. So it came out looking the same, just quicker and less messy. The kids were able to get creative by making gold designs on the spyglass with the gold paint.

Paper towel rolls (empty of course)
Black construction paper
Glue sticks
Gold paint
Paint brushes
Single hole punch

Then the kids hunted for treasure. I made gold pirate coins by using a one inch hole punch and brown card stock. I then followed an idea I found on Pinterest and made designs with glue. When the glue dried I painted each piece with gold paint. The design of the glue could be seen under the gold paint and it made it look like and old coin. I then wrote up clues that the kids had to follow in order to find the loot.

Of course we had a story too. It was a little longer than I would normally read for Creative Corner but it was about pirates and a library, and books being the treasure. How could I not read it? It was “No Pirates Allowed Said Library Lou” by Rhonda Gowler Greene (*affiliated link)

For the library’s Talk Like a Pirate Day we had lots of crafts.
Hook Hands:

Treasure Maps were made by having the kids draw a map on paper, crumbling it up, and then staining it with cold coffee. I don’t have a Pinterest link for this. I think it just came from my coworker’s creative mind.

Pirate Hats

Pirate Swords

We also hid the same type of gold coins that I used in Creative Corner around the Children’s Room for kids to find at random.

There was also a “Parrots Flew the Coop” hidden picture game. Five pictures of parrots were hidden around the room. If the kids found all five then got a pirate tattoo prize and a chance to win a pirate book in the raffle.

A favorite of the young kids was “walking the plank”. We had a 2×4 piece of wood on top of a blue tarp with paper crocodiles around it. You had to walk across the board and not fall in to the “water”.

So now if you ever want to throw a pirate themed party at your library or at home you have a bunch of great ideas and links all in one place. Have fun!


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