Elephant and Piggie Day!

This was my biggest program so far in terms of the number of people that turned out. Everyone LOVES Elephant Gerald and Piggie so why not have a day celebrating those lovable characters?

I organized the day the same as Superhero Day. It was an all day, drop in, event. There were self guided crafts and games plus a super awesome E&P cutout painted by a very talented friend of mine.


Headbands-Are you team Gerald or team Piggie? Show your spirit with a headband! Don’t forget the Pigeon has feelings too and makes an appearance in every E&P book.

Piggie’s Favorite Toy-This was a super easy craft to make. The supplies you need are plastic eggs, pipe cleaners, puff balls, glue dots, and tape. A clever patron figured out you don’t even need to tape the pipe cleaners to the egg because the eggs had two tiny holes on each end that the pipe cleaners fit perfectly in.

Coloring-I always have coloring pages out for the younger kids. It turned out to be super popular and I was running to the copier several times to make more!

I had two simple games for the kids and their grownup to play on their own. First was Pin the Snout on Piggie. I took an imagine and enlarged it on the copier, taped it to a poster board, and printed out a few extra snouts. I had a blindfold mask from a previous game that I used.


(I wish I had thought to color Piggie pink before laminating it. Oh well.)

The second game was based on the book There’s a Bird on Your Head. I made a bird nest out of a paper bowl, some brown construction paper cut into strips, and feathers. I added a couple of paper birds stolen from a previous craft and a few plastic eggs. The goal was to walk between two lines balancing the bird nest on your head.

The third game was, of course, a hidden picture. Kids love looking for hidden pictures around the room and they are so easy to set up. I printed out five characters from Mo Willems and taped them up around the room. If you found all five you got a special Elephant and Piggie sticker.

My favorite part of the day was the E&P cutout. I found the image on Pinterest and emailed it to my artist friend. She reproduced it for me in no time. It cost just under $20 in supplies to buy the trifold foam board and the paints. It would have cost lest but I thought she would need more paint then she did so I bought extra. Everyone loved taking their picture as Elephant and Piggie.



I made a bio poster of Gerald and Piggie with info I found at the Mo Willems website: http://pigeonpresents.com/pals/elephant-gerald/ and http://pigeonpresents.com/pals/piggie/

The kids liked learning facts about E&P.


This was a really fun event.  Our final count was 158 people by the end of the day.  Several people had never been to our library before but came just because they heard about Elephant and Piggie Day.  So do your library a favor and have an Elephant and Piggie Day too!




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